Jannah by River street

A once in a lifetime snowstorm is set to hit Savannah, Ga. At the same time, Lucille is grieving over the death of her son Samuel. Too bad the rest of the family can't get it together. Her daughter Debra is an alcoholic. Her other son Greg is anti-social. Her grandson Jahleel is unfocused. Her granddaughter Kristen is a smart-ass. To make matters worse, Samuel's wife Claire has full control of his body, and refuses to talk to Lucille. Oh boy. All the fun they will have.  



the great american negro experience 

At the U.N.I.T.Y (Universe Nations Integrated Together Yesterday) theme park, every culture is represented in their own pavilions. In the African American pavilion, the hit and spectacular live action show “The Great American Negro Experience” comes alive and in full effect. On this journey, join Booker T. Washington and W.E.B Dubois into the magical experience that is Black America. But what? This 90-minute show doesn’t seem as crystal clear and “woke” as it may seem. Join all of your black folk on the spectacle, and prepare your wigs.